How it works

Privacy & Security First

AiVA is 100% GDPR compliant

We do not capture personal or personally identifiable information.

AiVA’s A.I. lives in a Perception Device that works from your location(s), connects to your local CCTV infrastructure, and extracts observations based on what it “sees” through the cameras. 

We will do not modify or transmit your video data to the cloud.

Quick Onboarding

You don't need specialized / expensive cameras.

AiVA’s A.I. can connect to ANY CCTV infrastructure

We connect our Perception Device to your cameras and start gathering intelligence immediately.

Easy & Flexible

AiVA’s A.I. can be re-tasked based on what you need, when you need it.

We automate away the Analysis & Reporting customized to your specific needs.

Your Data, 

for You, with You, Always

AiVA’s secure cloud-based Dashboard allows you to access your data from anywhere. 

We customize the design of the Dashboard to meet your needs allowing you to intuitively slice and dice your Data the way you want.