Meet the Team

Pushkar is the founder and C.E.O. of AiVA. He has been instrumental in starting and growing businesses in Romania and Sweden before starting AiVA and has worked in Investment Banking. He is passionate about seeing things as they can be and asking ‘why not?’.

(Board Member, Head of Business Development)

Emmett is responsible for Business Development at AiVA. He is also a serial entrepreneur and a founding member of Transilvania Angels Network. He is deeply connected with Tech and is the COO of a publicly traded IT company. Emmett is driven by his interest in using technology to solve business problems.

(Board Member)

Smaranda is an Innovation Strategist and Member of the Board at AiVA. She is also the co-founder of PropTech Romania and has significant experience in Management Consulting, Project Management and Innovation. She likes challenging the status-quo and finding solutions to challenging problems

Alex is the C.T.O. at AiVA and is responsible for designing hybrid systems and architectures suitable deploying tens of thousands of devices worldwide. He is an avid systems engineer and has experience in A.I., IoT, Cloud and Edge Infrastructure. In his spare time he loves tinkering with IoT devices and tweaking his NeoVim setup.

(Software Engineer)

Vlad is a Software Engineer at AiVA, currently focusing on web development and dataset creation. He graduated from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca having experience in software development, networking, embedded devices, IoT devices and electronics. He is passionate about all things technology be it hardware or software and discovering and understand how they work.’