Revolutionizing Location Analytics using Visual A.I.

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Gender based demographics

Transform Visitor Insights into Strategic Opportunities

Go beyond just counting your visitors.

AiVA's Location Intelligence can help you understand who your visitors are and how they behave in your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you GDPR compliant?


AiVA prioritizes Privacy & Security. 

We DO NOT capture any personal or personally identifiable information.

Also, your video data never leaves your premise, is never sent to the cloud, and is not modified in any way. 

Lastly, AiVA's A.I. does not impede your security infrastructure in any way.

Do you need special cameras for your service to work?


AiVA's A.I. works with any camera infrastructure

You've already spent the money to install cameras, so you already have 99% of what you need for our service.

AiVA's A.I. is the only missing component.

How long do you need to install and roll out your services?

Depending on the complexity of the use case, from a few hours to 1 full day.

How do I access the data that the A.I. extracts?

As part of AiVA's service, you get real-time access to your data on the cloud through our visualization platform.

This gives you the flexibility to securely access your data wherever you are with an internet connection. 

AiVA will customize the visualizations to your specific needs, as often as you want. 

We will also automate the analysis and reporting for you so you spend less time crunching data and more time analyzing results.